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A “Zero Conference” on Research in the Religious Fields

Bologna, Sunday 18th – Thursday 22nd of June, 2017

Scholars are invited to submit panels through this forms by March 31, 2017.

The European Academy of Religion aims:

  • to offer an exchange platform to Academies and scientific Societies, Research Centers and Institutions, University Labs and Clusters, and qualified Journals, Scientific Publishers and Media;
  • to act as an inclusive network of networks open to all disciplines in the European and Mena Countries as well as in the Balkans, Caucasus, and Russia,in order to support their exchange and cooperation;
  • to provide an open space to those who work in the production and/or dissemination of knowledge in and of the religious field;
  • to give voice to religious anthropology, archeology, arts, conflicts, cults, doctrines, exegesis, experiences, history, institutions, laws, philology, philosophy, psychology, theologies, texts, and all the disciplines with an academic status in the universities or research centers, with their own distinctive and specific epistemological traditions;
  • to be an instrument to make visible the academic institutions and centers of a very large and diverse set of disciplines to the public opinion and decision makers through a public, open-access web platform and an annual convention;
  • to adopt an inclusive approach and encourage disciplinary and interdisciplinary research in the perspective of open research, cultural diplomacy, dialogue among thinkers, peaceful relationships among cultural systems, and intellectual international cooperation.


ESCT and DakaTeo

DAKATEO and ESCT held a joint Symposium on “Gender and Ecclesiology: An Intercultural Dialogue” at Tagaytay, Philippines, from July 14–17, 2016. The conference was organized with the participation of other INSeCT-Asia members (ACTA – Australian Catholic Theological Association, EWA – Ecclesia of Women in Asia, ITA – Indian Theological Association, and IWTF – Indian Women Theologians Forum), of St. Vincent School of Theology, Manila, and of ESWTR. Eight sessions treated eight topics, each one of them introduced from a European and an Asian perspective, followed by a generous amount of discussion and exchange. The topics and speakers were: “Women at the Grassroots’ Level of Church Leadership (e.g. BECs, social/political movements, etc.)” by Virginia Saldanha (IWTF, India) and Sr. Gemma Simmonds CJ (ET, Great Britain); “Female Deacons, Women Clergy Ordination” by Kochurani Abraham (ITA, India) and Angela Berlis (ESWTR, Switzerland); “Women from Spiritual Counselors to Confessors?” by Sr. Chris Burke (ACTA, Australia) and Sr. Rebeka Anic HSF (ESWTR, Croatia), “Women Religious as Vanguard of Women Participation” by Sr. Shalini Mulackal, pbvm (ITA, India) and Sr. Teresa Forcades OSB (ESWTR, Spain), “Women Leadership in the Bible” by Sr. Margaret Beirne (ACBA, Australia) and Rita Perintfalvi (ESWTR Hungary/Austria), “A Church beyond Clericalism” by Ramon Echica (DaKaTeo, Philippines) and Eamon Conway (ET, INSeCT Ireland), “A Gender Perspective on Catholic Sexual Ethics: Who Defines the roles and issues?” by Sharon Bong (EWA, Malaysia), Martin M. Lintner OSM (ESCT, INSeCT, Italy/Austria) and Gunter Prüller Jagenteufel (ESCT, Austria), “Women in a New Ecclesiology of the Laity” by Agnes Brazal (DaKaTeo/EWA, Philippines) and Serena Noceti (ESCT, Italy). To help contextualize the topics, the Conference began with testimonies from female victims of sexual abuse in their families. The conference was an intellectually and culturally enriching experience.


ESCT 2017 International Congress

International Congress of the European Society for Catholic Theology
30th of August – 2nd of September 2017 in Strasbourg (France)

Philadelphia: The Challenge of Fraternity


The latest ESCT-Newsletter

is online now!

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ET Studies 6 (2015) 2

Available now: abstract details and download pdf of the articles of the latest issue

ET Studies 6 (2015) 2

Main issue: Universal Church and Eurocentrism



Call for papers

Call for papers – International Conference in Vienna in September 22-25, 2016 (ESCT in collaboration with ESWTR)

The Role of Women in Political and Ecclesial Decision-Making Processes
Ideological and Practical Issues between Gender “Ideology” and Gender Justice



ESCT – INSeCT’s Research Program

ESCT – INSeCT’s Research Program

  1. Two Seminars took place during the International ESCT Conference 2015 in Leuven, September 17-20: “The Name of God and the Question of Gender”, and “Fundamentalistische vs. genderspezifische Bibelauslegung in Verbindung mit der aktuellsten Genderdebatte in Ostmitteleuropa”; in collaboration with Rita Perintfalvi and Ida Breitmaier of ESWTR (European Society of Women in Theological Research).
  2. European Conference in collaboration with ESWTR in Vienna, September 22-25, 2016: “The role of women in decision making in the Church and society: A question of gender-justice or gender ideology? Academic and practical challenges”

Folder and Program

Contact person: Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel (gunter.prueller-jagenteufel@univie.ac.at)

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