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ACHTUS and CTSA – INSeCT’s Research Programm

  1. ACTHUS Conference, June 2015, on “Salvation”: included a number of papers on gender. 70 attendees, incl. 23 students.
  2. The CTSA 2016 Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 9-12, on  th theme: “Justice and Mercy”, included a session on gender justice entitled, “Gender Justice in Church and Society.” It advanced a conversation on the research project among the CTSA, the Australian Catholic Theological Association (ACTA), and the Unión de Instituciones Teológicas Católicas en México, A.C. (UITCM). Dr. James McEvoy, president of ACTA, presented his paper, “‘Recognition’ and the Ministry of Women”; Dr. Christina Astorga, member of CTSA, presented her paper, “Gender Inequity is at the Root of Gender Violence”; and Dr. Carlos Mendoza-Álvarez, OP, former president of the UITCM, presented his paper, “A Critical Approach to Gender Identities in the ‘Muxe’ Case.”

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